Pregnancy Yoga

Time for you and your baby


Our one-to-one pregnancy yoga is devoted to you. We carefully design a programme to meet your yoga aspirations, adapting each lesson accordingly. Together we will work through your trimesters, building your confidence and providing reassurance about your pregnancy and birth.

During the yoga session we will work through some pregnancy-specific poses which will gently stretch the body, ease discomfort and encourage flexibility. We will calm the mind with meditation and relax the body with prenatal breathing exercises and relaxation poses. Benefits...


We provide daytime sessions on a Monday, Tuesday, and Friday between 9:30am and 2:30pm, and evening sessions Monday to Thursday. These sessions run for 1 hour and are held in our home studio.

We can also bring our sessions to your home. We bring all the required equipment to your home and can create a similar environment to our own studio.


In our studio
One-to-One: £35.00 per session
Group: £45.00 per session
(maximum of two individuals per group)

In your home
One-to-One: £40.00 per session
Group: £50.00 per session

We offer a discount of £5.00 per session when paying for six sessions in advance.

Please see our Payment Terms.

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Mother & Baby