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Adult Yoga at Home

Yoga in the comfort of your own home


Yoga at home could not be easier!

No one watching you and no special yoga clothing or equipment required!

Yoga tones and strengthens your body, can alleviate aches and pains, allows for mind and body relaxation, and increases flexibility. Benefits...

Yoga in these sessions are suited to all; if you are a complete beginner, you will be supported through clear guidance and instruction, and if you have some experience in practising yoga you will be able to challenge yourself within the poses.

Adult Yoga at Home Information

Sessions run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00pm and last for 40 minutes.

They cost £5.00 per session, payable in six sessions at a time, totalling £30.00.

Our adult yoga sessions run through Zoom. An invitation will be sent to you by email at least one hour before the session starts.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to use our contact form.

Please see our Payment Terms.

Adult Yoga Class
Adult Yoga Class
Adult Yoga Class