Virtual Yoga Summer School

Children's Yoga at Home


Through games, movement, music and stories, these summer school yoga sessions will focus on; confidence building, emotional awareness, anxiety management, and breathing techniques. Benefits...

Summer School Information

There will be six sessions in total from the week commencing 20th July 2020.

Sessions will run via Zoom.

Sessions will run on a Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:30pm and will last for 30 minutes.

Classes are for children aged 7 to 11.

The cost is £4.50 per session with a one-off pre-payment of £27.00.

Children won’t need a yoga mat to take part. Sometimes, they may need paper and pencils/pens but I will let you know you if these are required before each session.

If your child is interested, or you have any questions, please complete our contact form where you can choose which day (Tuesday or Wednesday) you would like for your child.

Please see our Payment Terms.

Summer School
Summer School
Summer School