Children's Yoga at Home

Move – Breathe – Be Still


It is safe to say that there are many children who will find the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions unsettling, leading to feelings that they are uncomfortable with. However, this could be a time for children to explore something a little different from their usual routine.

With this in mind, we've added some activities for children to be able to do at home during this turbulent time:

Virtual Yoga Summer School

Through games, movement, music and stories, the yoga sessions will focus on confidence building, emotional awareness, anxiety management and breathing techniques. Benefits...


These activities may require pens and paper or even a raisin or two! But most of them can be done with no equipment at all.

Positive Affirmations

These affirmations are short phrases that can be repeated throughout the day, either when you feel like you need to stop for a moment, or to boost you on.


You can listen to our meditation scripts through the website. It is good to have some quiet around you and a comfortable place to sit or lay down.


I have added some story videos of books for children to look at and listen to at home. These stories will help you deal with any anxieties and worries you may have during these difficult times.

Breathing Exercises

These exercises take only a few minutes and can be really useful in between any of your learning or when you need to have some time out. You can do them on your own or you may want to encourage other people in your home to do it too. Breathing properly is a wonderful addition to keeping healthy.

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