Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are short phrases that can be repeated throughout the day, either when you feel like you need to stop for a moment, or to boost you on.

You can remind yourself of the affirmations by doing different activities. You could:

* write it down and draw a picture or pictures around it
* write it in chalk
* write it many times on little pieces of paper and keep them in a box
* write it in bubble writing or very big and put it on your bedroom wall
* write a diary entry and include the affirmation for that day
* say the affirmation to yourself in the mirror or record yourself on your device and watch it back
* write it on a card and put it in your pocket for the day
* breathe in and say it in your head, breathe out and say it again
* say the affirmation every time you wash your hands

Affirmation 1
"I am strong"

Affirmation 2
"I am brave"

Affirmation 3
"I am calm"

Affirmation 4
"I am caring"